Welcome to Proxce! Our mission is to bridge the gap between the Online and Physical World

Join us to create frictionless real-world experiences that feels like magic!
Our Values

Identity Matters

An average person actively uses 2.84 social profiles and has over 15 online accounts like corporate ID, airline membership, etc. All of this constitutes our identity. If we allow our online persona to interact with real-world in our own terms, the result can be quite magical.

Obvious Simplicity

"I would have written a shorter letter, but I did not have the time." -- Blaise Pascal
Making things simple is hard work – but this is who we are.

Advanced Engineering

We believe that inherent complexity of interacting with the real-world should always be hidden from end-users and customers. Much like self-driving cars that run on complex systems but for the end user it just drives by itself.

Short Story About
Our Platform

Journey Begins
Proxce was started with one simple goal to eliminate real-world friction and bridge the gap between online and physical world.
Beta Version
We spent most part in developing a scalable platform, testing with customers locally, gathering valuable feedback and improving the platform.
Hospitality Launch
After successfully launching our platform with major luxury hospitality brands across the world, we saw ourselves much closer to our vision to digitize the physical world.
Eliminate Friction
Proximity Compute Engine was launched. It now offers a platform so simple that a business user can easily map the experience themselves.

Some Examples of Use Cases & Best Practices

Many use cases that can leverage Proxce. The value propositions are usually different for different verticals. The best ones that maximize value are the ones that deliver great physical experiences by using the online information to their full extent, removing friction by automatically triggering things based on people's presence, identity and behavior.

Burj Al Arab Case Study

Reference Architecture for Frictionless Identity


What Our Customers Say about Proxce

Vice President of Hotel Systems, Jumeirah Group.
Proxce's innovative technology is a powerful identity management solution that creates personalized interactions for our guests and allows Jumeirah to extend its capabilities in providing the finest service quality and making their experience with us memorable and unique.
Chief Revenue Officer, Taj Hotels Palaces Resorts Safaris

Nearly 50% of our guests are now using a mobile device to explore our hotels and destinations somewhere in their purchase path. Online and mobile are our fastest growing channels and we will continue to invest in this area with the goal of creating a consistent guest experience across all platforms. We are grateful to Proxce who have partnered with us to successfully develop a destination-led and customer-centric app.

Meet Our Core Team

We are a group of technologists who love solving challenging real-world problems. When we see a status quo in technology, we are first ones to rock that boat.


Madhu Madhusudhanan

As a founder, Madhu is an engineer, designer and inventor who is responsible for All things tech. As an entrepreneur with 12 years of deep tech experiences, Madhu is setting up building blocks for convergence of online world with physical space, he has 1 Provisional Patent, 3 in the works, Previously at IBM, he was product guru for large scale enterprise Identity Mgmt Interfaces

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Mohit Garg

As co-founder Mohit is an engineer at heart, consultant by training and an entrepreneur by profession. Previously, he was the Co-founder at MindTickle. Prior to that, Mohit was a Senior Director at PwC and was also an early tech member of successful Silicon Valley startups.

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Kalyan G

As the Head of Global Sales and Business Development, Kalyan (KG) is responsible for growing Proxce’s addressable market, building world class partnerships and driving revenue growth. KG brings more than 18 years of technology and sales leadership experience to Proxce. He gained extensive go-to-market experience across global sales, customer success management, business development, services and support in his recent tenure with TCS and has also held a variety of roles with leading global technology services providers.

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Elu Thinagaran

Architecture & API Guru, Enterprise scale integration expert, Architect for Apple and Cisco’s multiple million transaction supplier interfaces.

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