The power of Identity

Imagine a world where the online profile of a user goes with them wherever they go. Imagine a single sign-on for real-world, now stop imagining and sign up to see how it works.

The power of Location

Give identity to a location, configure actions based on users location. An action can be anything you want (not literally anything) but any action that can be invoked using RestFul API.

The power of Internet of Things

Remove the friction of using an IoT device by real-time association of user identity and location, after all turning on a light bulb should be easier than flipping a switch.

Frictionless Check-in

Eliminate friction from check-in everywhere, allow Proxce to seamlessly check-in users to your terminals such as POS, PMS, etc.

Frictionless Access

Provide access to smart locks based on user's identity and attributes.


Configure Push, Email, and Text notifications to perform trigger-actions based on your end user's identity and presence.

Kiosk & IoT

Enterprise-grade identity and access management now available to Kiosks and IoTs deployed everywhere.

Contextual Display

Turn any display into a smart screen with content that is relevant to your end user.

Location-Based Actions

General actions that are based on users Identity, Attributes, Context and Presence (Location).


Seamlessly associates different types of user profiles with locations and connected devices (IOT), enables services that remove friction like mobile check-in and keyless access.

  • Enterprise-grade identity and access management for IoTs
  • Fully Integrated with industry leaders
  • Out of the Box capabilties for majority of use cases
  • Proven & trusted technology

Proxce enables use cases that lets you think outside of the box

Federated Login and Profile Linking
Take action based on users profile and attributes, create unique use cases that use the data from multiple types of profiles like membership, Facebook, corporate, etc. 
Identity based access to IoT
Keep access to IoT simple, if you manage access to applications using single sign-on today, then you don’t have to do anything new. We will make sure IoT access works just like any other application.
Hyper Contextual Information to user
Take context to next level, not just user's location and micro-location but send information based on user's intent in real-world and in real-time.
Operational Efficiency
Create use cases that improve operational efficiency like employee check-in, visitor access, etc.

iOS and Android SDK can be embedded into mobile apps, which can handle all the interactions with smart IoT devices along with handling signals from built-in sensors or nearby beacons to estimate the context and micro-location.

Acts as a abstraction layer where developers can easily design physical world experiences that relies on user identity and location.


Proxce is inherently secure due to our encrypted Single Sign-On communications protocol. You can be sure that your data will always remain with you.


Give an identity to Location, use GPS for large locations like a building and BLE sensors for micro-locations like lobby, parking lot, etc.


Proxce is inherently secure due to our encrypted Single Sign-On communications protocol. You can be sure that your data will always remain with you.


Craft Unique Experiences
in your Industry


Your guest can skip the front desk with frictionless check-in and keyless access. Allow in-room controls and contextual messaging through your app.


Theme Parks

Offer frictionless park access, smart band based payments, ride access, contextual messaging & displays and more.


Enterprise Access

SAML and Mobile enabled office building access, access to conference rooms and visitor check-in and access management.


Airline & Airports

On Arrival check-in, contextual messages, contextual displays, lounge access, Kiosk and IoT access.


Vacation Rental

Eliminate the friction from check-in, offer keyless access and access control for guest and host through your app.


Event Management

Offer Employee check-in, event check-in, contextual messaging and more.

Identity Gateway
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Location Manager
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Proximity Computing Engine
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