Most Advanced Location Manager in the Market

Creating a location is as easy as looking up an address online, adding geo-fences, setting beacon based micro-locations and more.


Tag every physical location that is important to you

Give an Identity to a location whether it's a Building like a Hotel or Airport and configure micro–locations like lobby, parking lot, etc. by using Bluetooth smart sensors like iBeacon or Google Eddystone.

More than one way to act on user's presence

Use location to set up key value pairs as call backs or configure triggers to set up actions that get executed when the user visits, enters, exits or moves within a location.

Proximity computing

Location based actions & triggers

The Proxce Location Manager is part of the Proximity Identity Manager suite of the product. Our platform will help you with all the advanced tools needed to design and deliver frictionless experiences at any location.

Along with advanced battery efficient Geo-Fences provided by Proxce, you can also opt for one of the industry leading partners to procure beacons or use the beacon infrastructure that you may already have.

Our cloud-based management console allows even a non-technical user to configure locations and program relevant actions. It's simple, and it's fast.

Simple Interface for a Complex World

We know that the physical world is complex. We have designed our platform to handle all the complexities and give you a simple, easy-to-use location manager. Combine location geofences, micro-location geofences, beacons and Indoor SDK to create a near perfect experience for your end-user.
  • Manage multiple Apps
  • Pre-defined Modules for Push, Email & Text messages
  • Access to Public and POI geofences
  • Key Value Pair Mapping

Location SDK

Battery efficient, advanced SDK that handles everything magically to build enterprise grade app.

Indoor Mapping

Full support for indoor micro-locations through iBeacon, Eddystone, and Indoor SDK.

Opt In/Out

Handles location permissions such as Opt In, Opt Out and When in Use.

Local Notification

Use key value pairs for location and in-app notifications.

Secure Cloud Integration

Smart integration with the cloud to manage locations in real time.

Campaign Manager Support

Interface to your campaign manager for marketing use cases.


Create Beautiful Apps and Let Us Worry about Technology

Get started with our SDK Now!

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