Profiles follow the user wherever they go, in real-world, in REAL-TIME.

Location and Connected Devices get access to the user's identity based on the user's presence

Identity Services that You Know and Trust
Modernize user profiles that are stored anywhere. This can be done by enabling our federation that supports OAuth2.0 and SAML2.0. Our identity services can be invoked with a simple RESTful API.
Use your existing federation provider or ask us to recommend one
If you are already using a modern single sign-on federation provider like Okta, PingIdentity, or Auth0 then great news! You don't have to make any changes. If you don't have one just ask our team to recommend one.
Identity Gateway is designed to interact with your profile store securely. We authenticate the user's info using standard single sign-on protocols, then use the claims to act. Once the action has performed, the claims get discarded. Hence, protecting privacy and securing your end user's data.

How does it work?

Ideally, to create a truly frictionless experience, you would need access to user profile information from a user store, personal preferences from CRM, reservation info as a context. All of this and even more might be needed in real-time for some use cases. Identity Gateway is designed to connect to a downstream system and serve this information to perform an action.
  • Interface to User Credentials
  • Interface to CRM data
  • Interface to Reservation, Context Info
  • Interface to Analytics


Proxce offers Identity-based interaction with your end-user. Say goodbye to one message for all. Power experiences filtered by any number of user attributes.

Measure Experience

Plot real world actions and measure interactions as they happen. Curate and deliver experiences based on user behavior.

Default Security

Proxce is inherently secure due to our encrypted communications protocol and proven security of enterprise grade SSO protocols like SAML2.0 and OAuth2.0.

IoT Security

We add a layer of security on top of the services offered by hardware vendors. Security rules can be configured by Identity attributes and Location of the user.

Advanced Analytics

For the first time, get access to real-world interactions made by the end-user, club it with your existing online analytics to gain deeper insights, enhance consumer experience and increase conversion rates. 

Its all Cloud

Scalable cloud infrastructure means you get consistent experience anywhere in the world.

API's For your custom dashboard

Your Data, Your Dashboard

Get started with our SDK Now!

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