A Bridge Between the Online and Physical World

Fastest and Most Scalable Way to Eliminate Real-World Friction

Proximity Computing Engine is a state-of-the-art platform that is designed to interface with profiles, context, and location in real-time and in real-world. It offers virtually unlimited options that could be automatically called based on the user's presence, like any RestFul API, Integrated Modules, Credential-Based Smart Locks and more.

  • Identity
  • Identity Gateway
  • Supported SSO Provider
  • Integrated Modules
  • Property Mgmt Systems
  • Point of Sale Systems
  • CRM
  • Room Controllers
  • and more....
  • Messaging
  • Email, Text, Push Notifications
  • Location
  • Location  Manager
  • Action
  • Any RestFul API
  • IoT Modules
  • Smart Locks
  • In-room devices
  • Kiosk
  • Sensors
  • and more....


Configure the interface with your profile store, CRM, and other relevant context data.

Create Trigger

Create Location and Micro-Location based triggers and specify events, or use our Manual triggers for non-location related use cases.

Configure Actions

Actions can be configured through pre-built modules or create your own RestFul API-based action.

Video Presentation

Watch videos to know how our platform can be used

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What's my ROI?

On top of ROI that comes through by eliminating friction, there are a lot of areas where Proxce can help in saving money and increased revenue.

Deployment Time

Configure Actions in minutes. Say goodbye to days/months of coding to try something out in real-world.


Send contextually and hyper targeted messaging that can boost your bottom line, add locations in real-time and reduce app updates.

Frictionless Payments

Connect our platform with payment gateway, enable frictionless payment and take out the transaction nature from payments.

Operational Efficiency

Use cases such as employee check-in, guest check-in can save you thousands of dollars through operational efficiency.

Get started with our SDK Now!

Contact us to get started with our SDK, with few simple steps you can add it in your app and leverage the power of our platform to support unique use cases and solutions for your business.