Hello IoT!

Welcome to the platform that makes it easy to talk to humans

Identity and Presence based access to IoTs has never been easier, deploy connected devices at scale and let us worry about the user experience and access

Luxury Apartments

Full suite of Mobile Access management solutions, tenants can control access through their mobile phone, monitor activity and manage visitors


Access to autonomous vehicles, delivery robots, ride share user mapping and more....


Explore unique automated ordering system using our platform, work with our solution partners to create a great swift order pick up experience

Enterprise Access

User Directory connected access, mobile enabled access, replace RFID cards, visitor management


Hyper contextual marketing using BLE sensors, connect to your campaigning manager for targeted messaging in physical world

Hotels & Travel

Frictionless Mobile check-in, keyless access to smart locks and more..

Employee Check-in

Eliminate the friction of employee access, clocking-in and out, improve productivity and save operational costs.


Reach out to us if we can help with your IoT strategy, we will work with our solution partners to deliver an end to end solution that is tailored for your business